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Press & Public Relations

Wildpark Aurach Press Section

For media representatives
We are more than happy to assist you with your reports on Aurach Wildpark and will send you extensive information material on request.
We can also provide free high resolution photos for inclusion in your articles.

We kindly ask you to arrange a prior appointment if you intend to visit in person.

Andrea Pletzer-Gasser
Wildparkweg 5
6371 Aurach
E-Mail: info@wildpark-tirol.at
Phone: +43 5356/65251

Use of photographic material
Pictures must be marked in the publication with the appropriate copyright notice.
We would be delighted to receive a specimen copy of your article!

Private photography and filming
We would be delighted if you "capture" many beautiful moments with our animals and the natural landscape when you visit the Wildpark.
Please always stay on the visitor paths and maintain the necessary distance to our animals.
The use of flash or spot lights in the “Streichlstadl - Petting Barn” is not permitted.

Please note that you may not photograph or film (unknown) persons without prior consent. The right to one's own image is a personal right. Pictures showing recognisable persons may not be published without their consent.

What is not permitted at Wildpark Aurach
Recordings with drones are prohibited without exception, as they induce a panic reaction in wild animals. Selfies in which you hug wild animals, or any other dangerous and senseless activities are prohibited without exception and will result in expulsion from the Wildpark.

Social Media
We are happy if you post a variety of pictures or films of your visit to the Aurach Wildpark and link them to our sites.

Commercial photography or filming
Commercial photography or filming in the Wildpark is only permitted by prior arrangement.

We will keep you regularly informed with:
* Current news from our animal residents (new arrivals, young animals, etc.)
* Our Wildpark projects
* New: Patronages & Sponsoring
* Events with us

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