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The local film series

Main filming location of the TV-series "Da Wo Die Berge Sind" with actor and singer Hansi Hinterseer

Hansi Hinterseer
Hansi Hinterseer

The main filming location of the local film series 'Da Wo die Berge sind' has been our Wildlifepark Aurach for 8 times already.

Da wo die Berge sind (2000)
Da wo die Liebe wohnt (2003)
Da wo die Heimat ist (2003)
Da wo die Herzen schlagen (2004)
Da wo das Glück beginnt (2006)
Da wo es noch Treue gibt (2006)
Da wo die Freundschaft zählt (2007)
Da wo wir zu Hause sind (2009)

They filmed at the family owned farmers house, inside the Wildlifepark, in the Restaurant 'Branderhofstube' and also in the horse stables. The horse stables were lit up on fire one time from the 'special effects' team. Life at the set was always very interesting and exciting. Our animals had to get used to the camera teams first, but by the end they loved to be on stage.


You can also find our Wildlifepark in the following videos of the famous singer Hansi Hinterseer:

  • Hansi Hinterseer
  • Hansi Hinterseer
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