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Animal Sponsoring

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Become an animal sponsor of your favourite group of animals!
When you become an animal sponsor at the Wildlifepark Aurach you will finance parts of the feeding & medical costs for our animals. As a sponsor you have no obligations & no rights on the animal group that you have chosen. Every animal group can have more than 1 sponsor.

How do I become an animal sponsor?
Please fill in the contact formular (down below) with your contact details and let us know what animal group you would like to sponsor for. You will then get the final details from us. A sponsorship lasts for one year from the date we receive your payment, the sponsorship can be continued after that. You can be a sponsor as a private person, a family, a company or a society.

Animal sponsorship as a gift:
Animal sponsorships are also available as a gift for special occasions or a special someone.

As an animal sponsor you will receive:
• a sponsor certificate
• your name on our website under 'our anmal sponsors'
• your name on our new signs in front of each animal enclosures
• free yearly pass or entrance tickets - depending on the amount of your sponsorship

Signs in front of our animal closures with your logo
For a small surcharge it is possible to print your logo insted of your name or combined with your name on our signs in front of the animal closures.

€ 80 per month

Lynx, Red deer, Fallow deer, Ibex

total amount € 960 per year
inclusive 1x yearly ticket for 2 people

€ 60 per month

Alpaka, Snow owl, Wild cat, Mouflon

total amount € 720 per year
inclusive 1x yearly ticket for 1 person

€ 50 per month

Lama, Bennett-Kangaroo, Donkey, Yak

Total amount € 600 per year
inclusive 1x yearly ticket for 1 person

€ 30 per month

Mini-Shetland-Pony, Goats, 'Saanen'-Goat, Alpine-Sheep, Quessant-Sheep

total amount € 360 per year
inclusive 1x entrance ticket for 4 people

€ 15 per month

Little Owl, Barn Owl, Great Grey Owl, Peacock, Eagle Owl, Wool-Pig, Turopolje-Pig

total amount € 180 per year
inclusive 1x entrance ticket for 2 people

€ 5 per month

Rabbits, Ginuea Pigs, Ducks, Greyleg Geese, Chicken, Turkey, Trout

total amount € 60 per year

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