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Visitor Rules

By purchasing an admission ticket, you automatically accept these Visitor Rules!

In order to guarantee your safety and that of our animals, all visitors must comply with these regulations without exception.

You enter our entire premises at your own risk. No liability is assumed for injuries or damages to people, dogs and belongings. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for children in their care throughout the entire facility (Wildlife Park, playground, guest house, car park and all associated areas).

Do not touch or stroke the wild animals (red deer, roe deer, mouflon) in the outdoor enclosure and keep your distance!
A wild animal will always remain a wild animal, even if it seems relatively tame. Visitors must always be aware of this. Wild animals can feel threatened and will defend their territory and/or their young. On getting too close, visitors may be injured by the animal’s antlers or by being kicked. If a wild animal approaches, please step slowly to one side and allow the animal to pass.

Do not leave the marked paths!
It is strictly forbidden to leave the marked paths. We kindly ask you not to walk around the animals’ grazing areas and allow the animals to retreat into their personal sanctuary without exception.

Feeding our animals is prohibited!
Some foods are extremely dangerous for animals, so any feed you may have brought with you must not be given to the animals under any circumstances. Furthermore, some animals may develop extreme jealous tendencies about food in the outdoor enclosure, which can easily lead to aggression and thus injuries to visitors. For this reason, our animals must not be fed under any circumstances.

Baby Deer:
In May and June baby deers are born. Their mother leaves them alone for some hours during the day in order to proctect them agains enemies. The enemy can not see them or smell them as they do not move. This is absolutely normal – so don’t be concerned when you see them lying alone and not moving. However, do not ever touch a baby deer as their mother will not accept them anymore if they smell like a human. Then they will be left alone and have to die – and this is certainly not your intention?

Food and picnicking in the Wildlife Park is strictly forbidden!
Even if visitors hold something edible in their hands, it can cause jealousy amongst the animals. For this reason, food is only allowed outside the Wildlife Park - without exception!

Treat the animals with respect!
Always treat the animals with respect and never irritate them, as they too need their peace and quiet. Do not try to attract the animals' attention by shouting or knocking on the enclosure. This kind of behaviour makes the animals aggressive! Reaching into the enclosure and climbing over the barriers is strictly prohibited. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children behave in an appropriate manner towards the animals.

Dogs allowed on a short leash:
No other types of animals are allowed into the Wildlife Park. Entering the open-air enclosure with your dog is at your own risk, as mother roe deer could defend their young calves at any time. Please ensure that dogs also stay on the path and cannot run through the meadow on extendable leashes. Dog owners bear sole liability for any damage caused by their pet and must pay for any damages incurred.

Bicycles, carts, tricycles, scooters, skateboards, Segways, etc. are not allowed into the outdoor enclosure!
For safety reasons, the above-mentioned vehicles and belongings must be parked in front of the main entrance at the Wildlife Park cash desk.

Do not leave prams or other belongings unsupervised in the Wildlife Park!
Wild animals may damage them. All food must also be well hidden as the animals may try to eat it, causing damages in the process.

Do not dispose of rubbish, cigarette butts & dog poop bags etc. in the Wildlife Park!
There are plenty of rubbish bins in front of the entrance, please use them. In a worst-case scenario, the animals could eat the rubbish and become seriously ill or even die!

Parents and/or guardians are responsible for their children!
Children under the age of 16 are only allowed access when accompanied by an adult. Parents are responsible for their children throughout the entire Wildlife Park facility.

Photography and filming:
Possible at any time for private purposes. Permission must be obtained from management, however, for commercial recordings. Recordings with drones are strictly prohibited, as they induce panic in wild animals. Selfies in which you hug wild animals, or any other dangerous and senseless activities are prohibited without exception and will result in the offender being ordered to leave the Wildlife Park.

Recordings with drones are prohibited without exception!
Our animals panic when confronted by a drone flying above them.

Antlers and feathers:
Are the exclusive property of the Wildlife Park and may not just be taken! These can be purchased at the Wildlife Park cash desk, the proceeds of which go to the benefit of the Wildlife Park animals.

In case of misconduct, you will be ordered to leave the park!
The Pletzer family and their employees are entitled to order all persons who do not comply with the above-mentioned park regulations to leave the Wildlife Park.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you an unforgetable visit to our Wildlifepark

Your Wildlifepark Team

Visitor rules as of March 2022